Sunday, December 6, 2009

Ducktopus in the Plush!

So, Ducktopus is finished and I just heard today that he arrived at his new home with BubbaShelby! I guess I’ll be kind of informal with this one and just give some final thoughts now that he is completed.

Unfortunately, I appear to have a highly developed artistic dislike for my own creations because I’m not wholly satisfied with how Ducktopus turned out. It’s not that I don’t like him, it’s just that I think he could be better and it hurts in a way to see those flaws when I wanted him to be perfect. However, I have received more than one message from BubbaShelby saying he absolutely loves him, so maybe I should stop worrying and obsessing over it. Call me crazy!!

Anyway, I might have mentioned this in the other blog post but I decided to sew this one on the outside rather than hiding the stitches. I actually could have done it the other way around if I had made the two unattached tentacles bigger. If I had, I wouldn’t have dreaded trying to turn them outside in. I also would have been able to stuff them. As it was, after sewing the front and back pieces together the hole wasn’t large enough for me to poke any polyfil into those little arms so they’re just flat. I’m pretty disappointed by that actually. I wanted them to have more dimension and depth, but at least they remain stretching out rather than drooping so that’s a plus.

I also feel like I needed to stuff the duck body more so it looked squatter and more rounded. As it is, given the fact that you can see more white between the tentacles on the right side, the duck body looks slightly lopsided to me. I always worry about overstuffing though, so I used my own judgment (backed up with Shawn’s opinion) and quit with the polyfil after a certain point. However, it just doesn’t seem to pop enough on its own, and I really wanted each creature section to stand out by themselves as well as a whole.

I did try to do add a couple of interesting touches to this piece. I cut out a front and back piece for each eye in order to make it thicker. When it's just one piece, the stitches tend to make tiny holes given the thinness of the felt. However, I ended up stuffing the eyes as well so they would stand out a bit from the head. You can't easily see that from the pictures and it certainly isn't a huge effect, but I was glad that I had done it. Also, I wanted the duck feet to be stiff so the body could kind of stand/be propped up and the feet would bend without losing their shape. So I bought some foam-type material and cut a piece out for the foot itself as well as the leg. I sewed the front and back orange fabric pieces together with the foam pieces inside then sewed the whole thing to the body. I wish Ducktopus could have stood on his own, but I'm pretty happy with how those feet turned out.

When I look at Ducktopus in the pictures BubbaShelby took, I'm extremely proud of of him. Seeing him surrounded by so much appreciation and affection, I don't see the flaws as much and I'm just happy he exists as a plush. Please check out BubbaShelby's post about's an awesome read and it shows Ducktopus off in a much better light than I could ever do. All my thanks go to Eric for coming up with this extraordinary creature in the first place and for allowing me to create a toy of one of his creations! You and Ducktopus rock, Eric!! : )


puppatoons said...

Hey, woman! Got any new projects going?

wyrmphreak said...

Hey there, Puppet Lady!! : ) No, unfortunately I don't really have any new projects going at the moment. I have idea-letts in a way, but I haven't started on them. I'm constantly fighting laziness and the pull to just lay around, especially after work. I have done a little bit more reading than normal, so I'm not only watching television!

Long disuse of the creative mind and muscle is a battle I'm struggling with. I think I'm going to have to make myself do something every day or every other day, even if it's just for a half hour or get myself in the groove.

Thanks for stopping by!! I need to get back on Twitter to see what you're up to! As soon as I have something going, I'll be sure to let you know. : )